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Noli me Tangere - banner necklace

Noli me Tangere - banner necklace

(this listing is made to order)


“Noli Me Tangere - Touch Me Not” etched immortal on a flying banner and worn close to the heart.


This saying has biblical origins in the gospel of John, and was reimagined further in a poem by Sir Thomas Wyatt- Although different meanings have been translated from both these sources, this time I have used it as a talisman for bodily autonomy. In a time where rights over people’s bodies are being controlled or stripped away, I wanted to bring new meaning the phrase. Here Noli me Tangere screams Touch me Not to those who would strip away reproductive rights for those who should have the choice. Do not touch my body, for it is mine alone to govern.

10% of the sale of this necklace is donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds


Shown in photos on a 14" chain


Cast in sterling silver and darkened for detail and age.  Made to order in Ohio



First photo by @wenzdai (IG)

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