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VooDoooDolly is a one woman operation by Mallory McClellan out of my home studio in central Ohio. Each jewelry design is sculpted by hand before being sent to a family run casting facility in NYC to have a mold made and copies cast. The raw castings come back to me in Ohio where I size, set stones, solder, patina, and polish each piece. The jewelry you receive will not be the exact item seen in each listing photo since every item is made to order. Although they all stay very close to the pictured listings, exact patina may vary due to the handmade nature. 


Every piece of jewelry is solid sterling silver from majority recycled casting grain whenever possible. No piece is stamped due to my personal preference, but the metals are genuine. Along with the cast item, each chain, clasp, post and jump ring are also silver to try and prevent allergies to those who may be sensitive to certain metals. 

Crowns are made from stamped steel from vintage dies and either antiqued or powder coated. Antiqued crowns vary from piece to piece since the dies have been marred over time and each patina coloration turns out a little different. 

To try and limit my ecological footprint whenever possible I have changed all packaging to be recyclable, compostable, or reusable. Padded envelopes are recycled brown paper with paper pulp interior. Brown shipping boxes are sealed with brown or branded paper tape so there is no need to remove plastic tape before recycling. Each item comes either wrapped in single wall cardboard and black tissue or in a special jewelry box and cotton drawstring bag. My jewelry boxes are unbranded so they can be re-gifted or used elsewhere if you don't want to keep your individual pieces in boxes. Instead of poly padding inside the jewelry boxes I have opted for pine excelsior and dried flowers from my garden. The pine padding and flowers are fully compostable.

I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA in fine arts with a focus in metal sculpture. After working in mostly special effects and visual display for retailers, I decided that I wanted to continue working in metal and make the things I wanted to wear.  





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