Cast in solid sterling silver, the knight rests their weight on the thing they trust most- their weapon. A pair of delicately sculpted gauntlets meet with the spiraling hilt of an etched blade. Then, set within the cross guard is a single, natural spinel with shining facets. A perfect piece for your inner guardian


This pendant has two main components- the gauntlets and the weapon. The gauntlets were sculpted in clay before being molded and cast in metal. Pot ash patina is also added to the gauntlets to darken them and allow a clear line from the gauntlets to the sword.  The chain is sterling silver to keep from tarnishing the wearer's skin.

Overall length from the wearer's neck to the tip of the sword measures 20 inches long.


Made to order- please allow three weeks before shipping


Handmade in the USA

Knight's Repose - sword


    gothic, victorian and poetic accessories. Handcast silver jewelry and small batch metal headdresses for daring and darkly romantic individuals.

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