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Aurelia headdress

Aurelia headdress

Made to order, please allow 3-4 weeks before shipping


Aurelia- a full golden wreath of flowers and leaves 


This headdress takes inspiration from the delicacies and variations of nature and the many ways flora can be arranged. Each leaf and flower is soldered to a thin wire and easily moved into whatever position the wearer prefers. The stems all branch from a larger gauge metal band that is long enough to pass beyond the ears when worn (in front or behind). The longer band is meant to allow the flowers to hang long and frame the bottom of the wearer's face. Each band is made at the same opening width and meant to be pulled or pinched tighter to fit your head- much like an adjustable ring.


Aurelia comes in two colors- antique gold and champagne. Champagne is a warm toned silver color with patina variations (please see the last photo of the Starry Halo for colors- champagne is on the right). Each piece and color has slight variations due to the handmade process. This change from piece to piece makes each one unique.


Please be aware that the leaves and flowers are made of pressed metal- this means that edges can be sharp. Please be careful of poking or snagging fine fabrics.

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