READY STOCK De Manu Mortis - necklace
  • READY STOCK De Manu Mortis - necklace




    A skeletal hand clutching a wreath of flowers and leaves, cast in solid sterling silver I've always had a fascination for the ornate and strange qualities found in traditional Victorian era mourning jewelry. This love inspired me to make my own version of the traditional brooch often featuring a woman's hand clutching a bundle of flowers. Traditionally, this coupling of symbols was often to reflect upon the death of a lover or significant other. Here though, the soft hand has been replaced with its skeletal under structure. "De Manu Mortis" can roughly translate as "the hand of death" or refer to the clutches of death. Flowers or a wreath of plants in mourning and memento mori art often signifies the shortness of life and how fleeting it truly is- we are plucked, only to quickly fade.


    Pendant measures 2.5" long, chain is 18"


    Cast in solid sterling silver and darkened for detail. Made in Ohio